Snap On Overdentures

Implants with locator attachments can be used to stabilize and attach removable dentures in the mouth much better than paste or adhesives.  This technique is usually used for lower dentures. 2-4 implants are placed. Much like a snap holds closed a jacket, these attachments snap the denture to the implants. 

Option 1. Retrofit existing lower denture to implants.  

Implants are placed by the oral surgeon under an existing lower denture. They are allowed to integrate into the bone which takes approximately 3 months. During the healing period there is no attachment. Existing dentures are worn as before. 

Once integrated we add abutments (locators) to the implants and the corresponding attachments to the dentures all done in the office during one visit.  The denture is modified, adjusted and lined to support the new attachments inside. 

Option 2.  Make a new overdenture to attach to the implants after they are healed. 

In some cases the old denture is not sturdy enough or has been too thin to place the locator attachments. The old denture is worn while the implants are healing and a new specifically designed reinforced denture is made to connect to the implants after they are integrated into the bone. Abutments and attachments are added in the office after the implants are healed.

Implant placement – while dental implants can be costly we have arranged for a special pricing arrangement for most of our overdenture cases with our preferred oral surgeon.

The fee with special implant pricing for a new complete overdenture and two implants is approximately $6750.  Specific pricing will be reviewed after review of x rays, clinical exam and treatment consultations. Many dental insurance carriers cover a portion of the costs for this procedure. 

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